Teletherapy simply means a therapy session online or on your cell phone instead of face-to-face. Online Teletherapy is a secure encrypted video conference similar to Zoom. You will need a secure internet connection like your home, not an unsecured free WiFi connection at a restaurant.  We will provide all the necessary information and links to set up the session. Insurance providers, as well as our billing guidelines, recognize Teletherapy sessions exactly like face-to-face sessions. COVID 19 Compliance

Counseling & Psychotherapy

We want the most for your life.  A wise person seeks support and guidance through a challenging situation. An even wiser person has achieved a sense of higher being which allows for the greatest opportunity in any circumstance. Together, we can make this possible.

Certified Neurofeedback Training

The latest technology available in central nervous system training is through a Certified Neurofeedback Trainer, using the NeurOptimal system. That means taking a quantum leap beyond simple spa oriented biofeedback. We won’t be making a mere educated guess about what your brain needs. Instead, our system will give feedback to your brain in real time, moment by moment, precisely when it is about to shift states. This brain-training allows the therapist to determine the efficacy of those shifts and provide an immediate response.

A Neurofeedback session is pleasant and relaxed. You sit comfortably wearing earphones and a few gently attached sensors on the head to monitor brain activity. You may listen to a soothing soundtrack and watch a colorful fractal visualization while the therapist monitors and guides the session.

Neurofeedback works directly with your specific central nervous system. During a Neurofeedback session, your brain receives information it doesn’t get anywhere else in life. The brain uses this new intelligence to re-normalize more optimally, while less desirable brain states just … drop away.

Many ask, “Do the changes last?” Typically, yes, because the brain actually prefers to run efficiently. It will be paying close attention to the feedback — and do what it does best. Your brain is already masterful at that, and we will be giving it unique information that it can use to run more efficiently, with more resilience, and more flexibility. With this kind of brain training, you become able to respond to life more positively, rather than reacting from old stress responses. Optimal brain frequencies occur with better focus, decreasing over-reactions, and less recycling the past, allowing your body to better use its resources for repair, growth, and wellness.

Mindfulness integration

Psychoneuroimmunology (PsyNI) is the study of the interactions between the nervous system and the immune system, and the relationship between behavior and health. Based on years of case-work, the Psyni Institute is engaged in on-going research, and clinical practice, integrating various methodologies to optimize Neurofeedback with Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Positive Psychology.

Addiction Treatment

At Psyni Institute, we help you break self-destructive negative ideas and bad habits that keep you from achieving your goals. We design effective change methods to break self-defeating thought and behavioral patterns, and work towards building optimal effectiveness and mental well being. Our aim is to create a more Holistically Integrated Lifestyle.