Covid 19

COVID 19 Compliance

The risk of Covid 19 transmission has made synchronous Teletherapy service the preferred mode for most client sessions. This includes secure encrypted video and audio conferencing, and private telephone sessions. Insurance providers, as well as our billing guidelines, recognize Teletherapy sessions exactly like face-to-face sessions.

In some circumstances an office visit might be necessary, in which case we would make arrangements by phone prior to the visit. Because Neurofeedback sessions must be done in our office, we are complying with distancing and hygiene guidelines and ask all clients to wear a face mask during sessions. 

We are in compliance with the Department of Public Safety &  Health pandemic guidelines. We fully realize the importance of the personal face-to-face relationship we are accustomed to. We appreciate your patience as we do our very best to serve all of our clients with the utmost respect for your well-being.

Visit our good friends at Mental Health America-Wisconsin for more Covid-19 resources.